Why You Should Clean Your Air Ducts and What Company to Choose?
March 5, 2017
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Air Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs

Air Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs – You may be losing money and experiencing discomfort in your own home because of leaking air ducts. Many people are unaware of a seemingly small problem with their heating and cooling system that can turn into a much bigger issue. Any crack, hole, or other type of leak of air in your ductwork can lead to multiple problems. The main issues are the following:

  • More frequent HVAC repairs
  • Results in an increased utility bill
  • Air filters can become clogged
  • Cold spots or Hot spots created
  • The quality of the air you breath can be compromised

Air ducts are designed to convey heated or cooled air to every area of your home. When there is any kind of leak it causes the furnace or air conditioning to run longer to meet the temperature set at the thermostat. Longer runs of the HVAC unit means higher utility bills. All that extra running of your HVAC system wears it out quicker, resulting in further bills for maintenance and repairs.

A secondary issue is the amount of dust that can build up in your air ducts and in your living space. It is the leaks that cause dust to be sucked into the venting ducts and then spewed into your home through the vents in your home. Once dust and other debris can gain entry to your ductwork, it will clog your system’s air filter much quicker than you might think. When the filter is clogged your home’s air quality is reduced and your HVAC system must work harder to move the air through the filter. If you are experiencing any leaks you should call in a professional to fix them as soon as you can. They have new technologies that resolve leak issues without destroying your walls or flooring.


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Colorado Springs CO - 80922
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